Get Ready for Tasks in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft 365 is a pioneer when it comes to providing the best productivity apps, intelligent cloud services, and advanced security. It offers tons of task management apps that allow teams to share project information within a fraction of a second.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular and essential apps worldwide as it helps understand market trends, bring data together, allows conditional formatting, and lets you build charts for a better visual representation of data.

Additional Excel features

Over the years, Microsoft 365 has come up with various features for Excel, such as sharing workbooks online, editing workbooks in the browser, printing in excel for the web, and collaboration on the same worksheet. But this time, Microsoft 365 plans to add Tasks in Microsoft Excel. The new feature will provide the following functions:

• Create tasks in an Excel workbook and track its ownership.
• Assign tasks that you create in the workbook to collaborators.
• Your collaborators will also be able to track the updated information on the new workbook.

Tasks in Microsoft Excel aims to make teamwork easier and quicker than before. A team manager can create and assign the entire day’s or even the entire week’s tasks and assign it to the respective team members. The team members can respond on the same workbook as and when they finish their tasks. This allows the team manager to compare the amount of work done to the amount of work left.

Task management apps by Microsoft

Microsoft always remains one step ahead when it comes to task management apps. It has already gifted everyone with essential task management apps that aim to get work done quickly.

  1. Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is all about organizing everything in your team in a few clicks. It allows team managers to create new plans for a project, share files, assign tasks, chat with team members regarding any bottlenecks, and get updates on job completion. Planner offers the much-needed transparency in a team to understand who is doing what. Team members can work together on a single file shared on this app and even discuss ideas based on the task instead of switching between applications.

  1. SharePoint Tasks

SharePoint, through its modern UI design, makes tasks and subtasks flexible for a team. It gives a better overview of a task so that you can share the same with your team members. SharePoint also allows you to design layouts and documents required for a project according to their priorities, thus helping team members to finish urgent work first.

  1. Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project comes with a host of features for portfolio management and also supports various roles in an enterprise-wide project. It offers role-specific usage, central resource administration, central data storage, and individual expandability.

  1. Outlook Tasks

Outlook Tasks boost your team’s productivity by creating a task list for every team member. This list will include all your tasks, you can update the tasks whenever you want, review action terms, get reminders for project due dates, and focus on high-priority tasks.

The new Task feature in Excel, slated for an April 2020 release, will be a game-changer if it ties into Office 365 as it will give team managers an opportunity to collaborate with team members for quick-sharing of project responsibilities.

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