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MS Excel: What Do You Use It For?

When someone mentions MS Excel, most people tune out of the conversation. This is unfortunate but highly likely due to the fact that not a lot of people consider the uses of this truly useful program. Today, we wanted to talk about some of its uses.

These examples are some of the ways that we personally utilize excel for. Let’s get started!

Keeping Records

One of the best things about MS Excel is the fact that you can input more than just numbers in it. You can use words and even build charts using this program. This makes it quite prime to be utilized for keeping records.

If you have a business, excel can be used to help keep track of logistics processes and even the finances! If you’re a student, you can utilize this to keep a clear and organized record of activities, classes, and projects. The applications are varied and are highly useful.

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The term budget may not sound like something you’d want to get into but it is wholly necessary if you are going to be financially astute. Building a budget through excel is simple and can really help you keep track of your finances and even set a goal you’re working towards.

Having a budget is important if you’re ever going to be fully financially literate. It also helps keep things in order when you’re planning a major shindig like a wedding or a birthday party. Excel can really help you keep track of things—if you use it right, it can even turn into your planner or sorts.

Points to Remember

MS Excel does have a lot of practical uses—even when you are not running a business or a corporation. It can be used for something as simple as making a guest list or creating a budget for your home. We believe that if more people really tried to improve their understanding of this program, it would be a generally better situation for all.

Do you use Excel? What particular ways or things do you use it for?

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