Getting on the Same Page: How You Can Open the Minds of Others into Accepting MS Excel Training

If we all lived in a perfect world, there wouldn’t be any worry regarding the rejection of new information. Sadly, it is something that has been known to happen. This is particularly true in the classroom environment. Learning doesn’t exactly end once you’ve earned your diploma. When you’re out holding down a job, you can come across a situation wherein learning something new is highly critical.

Of course, in this context, we’re referring to having to train people for MS Excel. We’re not denying that this piece of software is highly intimidating at first glance. Actually, even 10 glances later it can still be pretty anxiety-inducing. So if you’re taking on the task of training people and teaching them how to learn this software, we’ve got a few tips for you.

Explain the Need

While it would be ideal for people to just be open to the idea of learning, this isn’t something that happens all the time so it would be important to be prepared. What we do is at the start of it all, we explain why this training is necessary.

Getting people on the same page in terms of understanding what there is to gain from this is important. Make the learners feel that this is not something that is just going to benefit the business (if in a work environment). This is going to be something that they will be able to use in their personal lives.

pp - Getting on the Same Page: How You Can Open the Minds of Others into Accepting MS Excel Training

Have a Clear Syllabus or Learning Plan

People like to see what they are about to go through. In a learning environment, this means that if you’re planning on teaching them MS Excel, you better break up your lessons into stages starting with the basics.

At least then, your learners will be able to use that as a guide to determine what they will be learning.

Give them Free Exploration Time

People need to navigate through new technology on their own in order to really understand how it works or see what they need further work on. Having free exploration time as a part of your learning plan or class, would highly benefit your learners.

Not only will they get to practice what they’ve learned so far but be able to retain it better because they’re doing a trial and error.

Points to Remember

Do not let your frustration affect your interactions—especially with the people who you are hoping to open up to the idea of learning something that they’ve written off. In an ideal world, everyone would be willing and eager to learn more but that is not the case a lot of the time. We simply need to be able to adjust your training method and carry on.

Have you come across individuals who weren’t as open to learning something new? How did it work out for you?

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Where Do You Go For Microsoft Excel Help and Training On Site?

When you’re seeking additional knowledge, it is important to know where to obtain it from. After all, it isn’t enough to find a source—you need to make sure that it is legitimate and credible. MS Excel is a program that a lot of people—even us—needed help to really understand. Back around ten years ago or so, it wasn’t all that easy to secure trusted sources for excel tips.

Thankfully, today’s world has a completely different story when it comes to this. There are a lot of different places where you can go for further knowledge about MS Excel.

You can learn about Microsoft Excel Training on site at places like:


This one surprised us, too. As it turns out, there are a lot of YouTube channels which focus on providing video tutorials for a wide variety of things. One of those things happens to be MS Excel. There are those that range from beginner levels to those of a more complex nature.

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There are several channels to choose from that you can almost be spoiled for choices. We just want you to remember that each of them has a different approach in discussing the topic so it would be important to find a content creator with a certain flow to the lesson that suits you best.

After all, you should not force yourself to sit through a tutorial of someone whose teaching style is incompatible to your learning style.

Financial Literacy Classes

If there was anything that more and more banks and financial firms are doing nowadays, it would be to ramp up their offerings for financial literacy classes. They understand that in order for the economy to get better—and therefore providing a better environment for everyone—they need to help the populace in gaining a firmer grasp of their finances.

You can choose to go online and check the websites of organizations in your area to see if they have any information regarding upcoming financial literacy classes. A usual part of those classes would be a basic or even advanced utilization of MS Excel.


Of course, literature would always be a prime resource for additional knowledge. What’s great about now is the fact that you do not need to purchase a physical copy of a book in order to utilize it. There are now electronic copies of Excel discussion and guide books.

bk - Where Do You Go For Microsoft Excel Help and Training On Site?

We have quite our own collection of such books. For further specific recommendations, we think we’ll develop an article at a later date to talk about them—so do stay tuned for future discussions!

Points to Remember

Just because someone is presenting you with “knowledge” does not mean that you should automatically accept it to be the truth. You must be more discerning about your sources of information. After all, one of the biggest downsides of the internet is the fact that misinformation is now rampant. This, however, should not scare you off the trail of better working knowledge.

Do you have a trusted resource when it comes to MS Excel?

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