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First off, we’d like to offer you a warm welcome to eLearning DevCon! We’re super thankful that you’re showing an interest in becoming a writer for us. As you may know, we are an online resource that is quite dedicated to the discussion of Microsoft Excel training. We believe that more people should take it upon themselves to better utilize this particular software.

There have been far too many people who have been wholly willing to shirk off any opportunity to learn about MS Excel and what they can accomplish with it. Before you send in your application to join our writing team, you may want to answer these few questions:

Do you have an advance understanding of MS Excel?

As you know, our site is all about that topic. We want to provide our readers with a better understanding about this software and its applications. If you happen to have an advance level of understanding of this particular piece of software, we can certainly use your knowledge.

Are you able to write unique and cohesive articles?

Words are powerful tools. We need people who are comfortable enough with words to be able to discuss and express their ideas without any difficulty. We put emphasis on the ‘uniqueness’ of the article because we want to provide our audiences with articles that they have not read before.

If you have answered yes to the questions above, we would definitely want to have you in our writing team. You can reach us through 734-479-3417 for your application.